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Holy Name Garfield The Cadets Alumni Corps.    click on photo to enlarge photos courtesy of Dan & Fanny DeRosa.
The Holy Name/Garfield Cadet Alumni Corps is an independent operation, with no formal ties to The Cadets. The membership is open to all Cadets: Holy Name, Garfield, Bergen County, or The Cadets, plus friends without Cadet affiliation who would like to be a part of this undertaking.

Our primary purpose is to enjoy ourselves through camaraderie, music, and shared memories of our days on the field. We focus on music played by the Holy Name/Garfield Cadets,/Cadets of Bergen County/The Cadets. Most of the arrangements are original and designed for bugles in the key of G.

Members are expected to provide their own instruments (some loaners are available for those wishing to take a trial run before purchasing a personal instrument.)

Rehearsals are held every Thursday, except the first Thursday of each month, at the VFW Hall, 340 Outwater Lane, Garfield, NJ from 7-9 PM. Rehearsals are also scheduled occasionally on Sunday afternoons at the VFW. Contact one of the officers listed below for confirmation of rehearsal dates, time, and location, since there will be variation from time to time.

Music scores , both horn players by section and percussion by section, are available on request for those living outside the area.

Our instructors are: Jim D’Amico on horns, and Jack Day on percussion. Pat Vazquez functions as both the Director of Activities and Drum Major. George King is responsible for various administrative functions. Some music charts are arrangements generously shared with us by Frank Dorritie from the time when he was music arranger for the Garfield Cadets.

We also encourage “membership pods” around the country that rehearse with the specific intention of joining with us in any joint performances with The Cadets. The most active of these currently is a Houston-area percussion pod, contact Brian Callahan: bdcallahan@msn.com.

Our performance schedule consists of occasional parades, indoor stage performances, and appearances at other events. Performance commitments are voted on by the membership before acceptance. We also hope to continue at least one joint appearance with The Cadets each year; a tradition that began in 2009 at the Cadets’ home contest in Giants’ Stadium for our corps ‘ 75th Anniversary Celebration.

The corps is intergenerational, and both males and females are welcome. A color guard is currently in the planning stage, and hopefully will become active in 2010.

Our emphasis is on fun at all times, but we also strive for excellence in everything we do. However unofficial our connection might be with the modern-era Cadets, we take very serious our obligation to represent one of the oldest and most famous drum and bugle corps in the world in a manner consistent with our history, heritage, and work ethic. We are totally committed to our corps mantra: “ For Holy Name shall always be…”

The alumni corps occasionally sponsors social functions open to all alumni , family , and friends.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact one of the following:

Director and Drum Major:
Pat Vazquez, 210 317 5805 (cell), patrick.vazquez@axellia.com

Bugle section leader and general administration:
George King, 201 207 7266 (cell), gefreki@aol.com

Percussion section leader:
Jack Day, 808 550 3267, jday62647@aol.com

Horn instructor and primary arranger
: Jim D’Amico, 201 934 1338, jd61cab@aol.com

Come out and join us. You’ll be glad you did.

For Holy Name shall always be...