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Prior to practicing at Holy Name Church right after the Cadets' founding in 1934, both John Baumfalk - age 89 (our first DM and horn instructor), and his sister Nellie - age 93, recall that John would teach 30 to 40 cadet buglers in the basement of their home. As Nellie recalls, it was pretty loud and sometimes their neighbors complained.
Both very clearly remember that the Elders of the Dutch Reformed Church (where they were members), would pay a visit to their mother to lecture her about John performing or practicing on Sundays, as well as about his being so involved with a Catholic group. They said that the elders would really give "heck" to their Mom, but she stood up to them on behalf of John. Their Mom would usually receive a visit on Monday or Tuesday after any Sunday that John wasn't in church, and this happened fairly frequently. John still gets pretty emotional about how his Mom supported him because she knew that this was something he really loved to do, and was exceptionally good at also.

submitted by Judith Kasper (family member)