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JUNE 23, 2008

Hello Holy Name

News of Our Corps





Listen to Don Angelica´s solo from


First, our apologies for the long delay between postings. Personal issues surfaced that knocked both myself and our talented webmaster out of the box for awhile. The bad news is that WEíRE BACK! So be prepared to do some reading, because we have a lot of catching up to do. Iíll try to focus only on key events, and Iíll try very hard (for me) to keep the reports reasonably short.


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By all measures our first family picnic was a smash success. We were the guests of John Hannigan at his beautiful lakefront home on Lake Hopatacong. It was a beautiful day. The atmosphere was relaxed, the company a pleasure, and the food bountiful. The original plan was for everyone to chip in to cover expenses for food and beverages; but John insisted on covering all expenses, so the money collected was sent as a donation to our Cadets. Greg Pych and Jim Messina did their famous lamb chop barbecue , effectively reducing the lamb chop supply in North Jersey for the foreseeable future. We were pleased to have so many wives and significant others in attendance. Their presence enriched the event, and hopefully planted the seeds for more family events in the future.. Sincere thanks to John for his hospitality and all his work. It was truly a great day.


Yet another smash success. Approximately 100 alumni, staff, supporters, and fans were in attendance at Taos Wok and Restaurant in East Rutherford, NJ. The Committee and the Cadetsí Staff outdid themselves for this one. It seems as though every event the Cadets have run for the past several years now have been done to perfection. The site was extremely impressive, the food wonderful, the wine varied and top of the line, and the hospitality warm and genuine. If you missed this event you made a major error. Donít pass it up next year. Sincere thanks to the committee and the Cadetsí Staff for a day that will be long remembered.

In the interests of brevity, for this news update only, I will not be listing attendees or committee members for the picnic and wine tasting. I did manage to assemble them in anticipation of writing this update, but at the moment I canít locate my information, and itís important to finally get a current news update posted. I apologize to all of you.


Without a doubt this was the highlight of the month.

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So many things to relate about this special day: the 2008 Cadetsí appearance, demeanor, and performance. The reappearance of the gold and white on our drum majorsí uniforms. The Holy Name patch on the tunics. Pride and awe were written across the face of every alumnus present. Following the parade the alumni hosted a pizza party for the 2008 Cadets at the Hawthorne Legion Post. The two highlights were the distribution of the 2008 member caps to each Cadet, and the singing of the Holy Name Hymn by the alumni present to honor the 2008 Cadets as we send them off to earn their place in our history. We know they will write their own chapter in the heritage we all share.
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We have received a lot of photos in the past few weeks, and they will be posted. Just be a little patient with us as we try to catch up. The following two photos are of Bill Ridings and Tom Gallo announcing the organization of a Cadet Alumni Chapter in the great state of Texas.
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The 2008 season has begun, and the Cadets are ready for another roller coaster ride. There are lots of alumni events scheduled by the corps for this summer. Please check regularly at www.yea.org for updates. The biggest of all will be the luncheon preceding our home show in Clifton on July 5th to honor our 1983 Cadets on the 25th Anniversary of winning our first DCI title. All Cadets honor and respect the special members of the 1983 corps of Cadets. The luncheon will be held at the Mountainside Inn in Clifton. See the following promo for additional information.

Alumni gathering RSVPS coming on strong
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
By: Caryn Goebel

A tribute to the 1983 Garfield Cadets is one of many scheduled events on
July 5th in Clifton, N.J.

Only 17 days remain until the Cadets Alumni Association welcomes alumni
from across the years to Clifton, N.J., for the 2nd Annual Cadets Alumni

The RSVPS have been steadily streaming in for the July 5th reunion as more
than 100 former Cadets, their friends and family have made plans to witness
the induction of the 2008 Class of the Cadets Hall of Fame and pay tribute to
the 1983 corps as they celebrate the 25th Anniversary of winning the corps'
first DCI World Championship.

Here's just an idea of what's in store:

  • Al Chez, Dr. Joseph Cinzio, Jeff Sacktig and David Welch will be
    inducted in the Cadets Hall of Fame.
  • A special tribute to the 1983 corps - Exhibits, Photo Montage, Videos
    and reflections from past members
  • Exhibits from across the years! Memories from nearly 75-years of
    corps' history.
  • Hugs, smiles and tears with special friends you haven't seen in years.
  • Live music
  • Heavy Appetizers and cash bar
  • Cadets Alumni Tent at Clifton Stadium for gathering before the show
  • Cadets Happy Hour at Clifton Stadium - A private viewing of the 2008
  • Music In Motion Drum Corps Show at Clifton Stadium

Don't miss this exciting day in Cadets' history - just one year away from a
remarkable 75 year Anniversary Celebration in August 2009!

Tickets are $45 for Reunion/Show combination and $22 for the Reunion only.
They can be purchased through July 2nd on the www.yea.org Web site, or
by calling Caryn Goebel at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 21.

Many of you are not aware that YEA has organized a community-level youth percussion ensemble in Allentown which is already attracting attention and members. A PowerPoint slide presentation by George Hopkins, complete with photos, will be posted here. This is an extremely impressive development, and one which many of us have been hoping to see for many years now.

To our 2008 marching Cadets we wish you a wonderful summer of discovery and adventure. Your alumni stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you begin your great journey. Whatever the final result in Indianapolis (or wherever the road may lead you), you became a champion the moment you put on your Cadet uniform for the first time. Those of us who wore the uniform before you respect and honor you more than you probably realize at this time. You are now Cadets, and in our world that is about the best thing itís possible to be.

photos courtesy of Scotty McGarry, Dave Rice, and Bill Ridings

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