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   This site is an instrument of outreach for the Holy Name Cadets' Alumni
which includes ALL Cadets, regardless of the years marched or banner marched under (Holy Name Cadets, Garfield Cadets, Cadets of Bergen County, The Cadets);
For Holy Name Shall Always Be...

   Our intention is to provide a means for Cadet Alumni to reconnect with old friends from years gone by, meet with Cadets from other eras, and relive memories in a welcoming, informal atmosphere of ongoing social events. We are dedicated to preserving and honoring the history, traditions, pride, and special character of the Cadet experience for all generations; past, present and future.

    In addition, we hope to assist in ensuring the continued existence and success of the Cadets, so young people of the present and future will have the opportunity to enrich their lives by exposure to Cadet values through the Cadet competitive experience..

    We invite not only Cadets to participate in our activities; but Cadet family members, friends of the Cadets, supporters of the Cadets, and members of other corps with whom we were honored and privileged to share the field of competition.

Welcome to our very-maroon world.
All the latest news, announcements, special features and coming events. If it happened, is happening, or is going to happen; you'll find it here.
Keep up on the 2010 Cadets; schedule, news, contest reviews, special features and photos.
A place you can catch up on the news you might have missed earlier.
If there's a major event happening in the life of a Cadet Alumnus, and they tell us about it, you'll find it here: weddings, special awards, births, anniversaries, promotions.
Our photo repository. Come here to see pics you won't see anywhere else. These photos aree added regularly, so check back often so you don't miss anything.
Articles on significant events and people in Cadet history. These articles will be changed regularly, so check back often so you don't miss anything. There are also special links in this section to: archived history articles, Drum Majors' list and photos, Memoirs Project (history snippets). Pending links will include: Directors, Instructors, Administrative Staff, and Titles won. 
Our list of Cadets and family members of Cadets currently serving our Country in the military. If a name is missing that should be there, let us know. Above all, let these uniformed men and women know that we care, and we miss them. Write!
Our honor roll of Cadets no longer with us; but remembered, and honored, and loved for all time. Each of these names belong to a young man or woman that wore the uniform, and sang Oh Holy Name, and dreamed our dreams. They are us, and we are them...forever!
The place to say hello, connect with friends old and new, voice your pride in our corps; and, above all, let us know that you're out there.