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40th anniversary of the year the then Garfield Cadets went co-ed. As we hear from DCI's Dan Potter in today's Field Pass, the entire 1969 Cadets' color guard was inducted into the corps' Hall of Fame over the weekend.
credit    Dan Potter, DCI Field Pass: .
Click here for When the Cadetsí color guard went co-ed

The below links are a 75th Anniversary audio gift of love from Cadet John Ogle to his fellow Cadets. There are four parts, covering 1959-1962. Enjoy and remember. FHNSAB...
Click here for Part 1      Click here for Part 2
Click here for Part 3      Click here for Part 4
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         1934 John Baumfalk
         1935 John Baumfalk
         1936 John Baumfalk, Joseph Ruggiero, (Jr. DM)
         1937 Everett Gilmartin, Joseph Ruggiero, (Jr. DM)
         1938 Everett Gilmartin, Joseph Ruggiero, (Jr. DM)
         1939 Everett Gilmartin, Albert Mura
         1940 Albert Mura, Arthur Mura & Joseph Paluh, (Jr. DM´s)
         1941 Albert Mura, Arthur Mura & Joseph Paluh, (Jr. DM´s)
         1942 Albert Mura, Arthur Mura & Joseph Paluh, (Jr. DM´s)
         1943 Louis Mura
         1944 Louis Mura
         1945 Louis Mura
         1946 Joseph Paluh
         1947 Greg Shumack
         1948 Donald Freeswick
         1949 Walter Taormina
         1950 Walter Taormina
         1951 Walter Taormina
         1952 Walter Taormina, William Kemmerer, Jr.
         1953 William Kemmerer, Jr.
         1954 William Kemmerer, Jr.
         1955 William Kemmerer, Jr.
         1956 Anthony Bartello
         1957 Anthony Bartello
         1958 George Petrencak
         1959 George Petrencak
         1960 Charles DeBlieck, Hugh Mahon, Fabian Izsa (Jr. DM)
         1961 Hugh Mahon
         1962 Raymond Pych, Dennis Mura
         1963 Raymond Pych, Dennis Mura
         1964 Kenneth Samara
         1965 Kenneth Samara
         1966 Patrick Vazquez
         1967 Patrick Vazquez, Robert Knapp
         1968 Robert Knapp, Dan Panessa
         1969 Richard Chirichella
         1970 Richard Chirichella
         1971 Richard Chiricella, James Messina
         1972 James Messina, Steve Bodek
         1973 James Messina, Steve Bodek
         1974 Steve Bodek
         1975 Ronald Frech
         1976 Ronald Frech
         1977 Greg Cinzio, John Hannigan
         1978 John Hannigan
         1979 John Hannigan
         1980 Edgar (Manny) Columb, Tony Aleman
         1981 Edgar (Manny) Columb, Tony Aleman
         1982 Tony Aleman, Larry Harris
         1983 Tony Aleman, Michael Klesch
         1984 Rich Armstrong, Dave Leytze
         1985 Rich Armstrong
         1986 Rich Armstrong
         1987 Doug Rutherford
         1988 Doug Rutherford
         1989 Chris Buck
         1990 Chris Buck
         1991 Dave Roulier
         1992 Dave Roulier, Joanna Allen
         1993 Jerry Burdick, Ray King
         1994 Ray King, Amy Young
         1995 Joseph Richert, Pete Simon
         1996 Pete Simon, Paul Nye
         1997 Bradley Green, Kyle Robbins
         1998 Bradley Green, Kyle Robbins
         1999 Kyle Robbins, Damon Grant
         2000 Dave Millen, Zak Ruffert
         2001 Zak Ruffert, Brad Toth
         2002 Josh Phillips, Sam Saunders
         2003 Sam Saunders, Sean McFadden
         2004 Matt Haines, Will Plenk
         2005 Will Plenk, Jim Zulick
         2006 Will Plenk, Chris Castille
         2007 Chris Castille, Marcus Harrison
         2008 Chris Castille, Brittany Summers
         2009 Chris Zentner, Ben Pouncey
         2010 Ben Pouncey
         2011 Ben Pouncey, Brad Pouncey
         2012 Kendra Orcutt
         2013 Zack Travis, conductors: Kendall Stevenson, Josh Gardner
         2014 Kendall Stevenson, conductors: Katy Bogg
         2015 Kendall Stevenson, conductors: MK Rapinger
         2016 Kendall Stevenson, conductors: MK Rapinger, Claire Albrecht
         2017 Claire Albrecht, conductors: Dalton Gyorda, Stephen McMullen