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40th anniversary of the year the then Garfield Cadets went co-ed. As we hear from DCI's Dan Potter in today's Field Pass, the entire 1969 Cadets' color guard was inducted into the corps' Hall of Fame over the weekend.
credit    Dan Potter, DCI Field Pass: .
Click here for When the Cadetsí color guard went co-ed

The below links are a 75th Anniversary audio gift of love from Cadet John Ogle to his fellow Cadets. There are four parts, covering 1959-1962. Enjoy and remember. FHNSAB...
Click here for Part 1      Click here for Part 2
Click here for Part 3      Click here for Part 4
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  Cadet History, 1934 THROUGH 2007

"One thread, one corps . . . I guess we always felt it, but never verbalized it. Different years, new stories, wonderful memories - one common thread - being the best that you can be, all the time, and whatever happens, happens. The more I think about it, the more I truly believe that it's about the journey, not the destination, that makes it all worthwhile." Greg Cinzio, 1967-77, FHNSAB . . .


Note: John Baumfalk was one of the founders of the Cadets in 1934, and our first Drum Major and bugle instructor. We are forever in his debt. Because of him, and others like him that gave us life, The Cadets exist and thrive 73 years later. We salute him and offer our profound gratitude. We are very proud that we didn't let you down. For Holy Name shall always be...
Had a wonderful time yesterday with John Baumfalk 1934-39, and the Baumfalk
Family. My wife Lynne & I joined John, his sister Nellie Van Houten, nephew Ralph and
his wife Judi, their children and friends.  John and his sister recounted many stories of
the early Cadet days and couldn't say enough good things about his time in the corps and
with his fellow Cadets.  He had especially strong memories about the first National Title
the Corps won in Boston in 1940.

I know you've stated this many times on the Holy Name website, but it is so true about 
there being no differences between Cadets from any generation. Even though I had never 
met John before, we simply introduced ourselves, sat down and started talking about the 
corps immediately, as though we had marched side-by-side.  He is truly a magnificent man 
to whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude.  John was a self- taught musician, which 
at first surprised me until I was advised of some of his family history, and learned that 
John's grandfather was the Royal Bandmaster to the Court of Queen Wilhelmina of the 
Netherlands. He certainly inherited a lot of his Grandfather's musical talent.He stated he 
also owes a lot to Jim Donnelly and Robert Kapetyn of the great Doremus senior corps from 
Hackensack, NJ.

John Baumfalk - For Holy Name shall always be...

John is looking foward to August and hopefully paying a visit to the alumni, and
most especially to the current Corps members of the 2007 Cadets.  He would also very 
much like to see the Cadets perform, but doesn't think he could make it through the 
entire finals show. He and his sister would be in  wheel chairs, and they would need 
tobe accompanied by family members to assist them. We're working on making that wish 
come true for him.

The Holy Name Hymn, remembered by John, and still sung today by all Cadets of all generations.

Got one picture here of John joining  me in singing "Oh Holy Name". When I showed 
John the words he immediately started humming "O Tannenbaum," so we performed 
a little duet. We may have to rethink the time frame as to when the Corps' song 
originated. It seems like it was a lot earlier in our history than most of us 
realize. Ralph, John's nephew, stated that the entire family, including John, 
left Garfield in 1945 just after he (Ralph) was born. Nellie, Ralph's mom 
stated he celebrated his first Birthday at the current house in Fullerton, Ca 
in 1946.  That would certainly put "Oh Holy Name" into the early '40's. I did 
this to represent all Cadet Alumni and all current Cadets, and because I wanted to 
make certain that John knew and understood just how much the things that he did in 
helping start and then teach our corp meant to the generations that followed.  I 
failed in getting this done for Marcel Mura in 2001, before his passing,  when 
I tried to work this through the Corps Administration; but now with the Alumni Group 
it's been much easier.  I didn't originate the jacket idea, or the design, or the 
sourcing, or the purchase (note: Cadet Sydoryck, at his own initiative and expense, 
purchased the jacket presented to John);  that was all done by other alumni, with 
inspiration coming from the the photo and verbage assembled by Greg Cinzio in his 
great book of Cadet History, published in 1976, entitled "Reflections...a history 
of our corps." All my wife Lynne and I did was to sit down with the wonderful Baumfalk 
family, drink some great California wine and share memories with another 
newest old friend. I Wish I could do that every day of my life.

Cadet pride spanning the generations; 1934 to 1970 to today. One corps, Evermore!

I gave John a small reproduction 'book' of early HNCC pictures and text from a
Steve Vickers email that Greg Cinzio sent me.  The cover and back cover were
simply a photograph of the HNC Crest and Jacket embroidery.

All in all it was wonderful experience meeting John, getting him to recall and
share some of the early days of the Corps, and seeing the love and support his 
family have for him. The man is truly blessed and so are we.
  Charlie Sydoryk 1965-70 
  It is inspirational to all Cadets that Chuck took this upon himself to honor John in this manner. We salute Chuck for representing the Cadet ideal, and for making all of us realize anew what a special blessing we have in being Cadets, and in having shared our Cadet journey with men such as these. Thank you Chuck. Thank you John. You make us proud!