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40th anniversary of the year the then Garfield Cadets went co-ed. As we hear from DCI's Dan Potter in today's Field Pass, the entire 1969 Cadets' color guard was inducted into the corps' Hall of Fame over the weekend.
credit    Dan Potter, DCI Field Pass: .
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The below links are a 75th Anniversary audio gift of love from Cadet John Ogle to his fellow Cadets. There are four parts, covering 1959-1962. Enjoy and remember. FHNSAB...
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  Cadet History, 1982

The Cadets have a long, rich history of identification with the United States Military
Academy at West Point. Beginning with the appointment of Cadet Drum Major Joseph
Paluh to The Academy in 1947, a succession of Cadets have been honored to wear both
maroon and later dress-grey Cadet uniforms. Almost all of these young men marched
in the Cadets prior to beginning their military careers at West Point. There was,
however, a single exception to this pattern. Cadet Dennis Julian Bradley was already
in his junior year at West Point when he joined the Cadets for the first time in
1981. He marched for two seasons, 1981-82, his junior and senior years at West Point.

The newspaper article shown below relates a small portion of the remarkable life
story of this outstanding young man, along with a little background on why the 
traditional Cadet uniform, closely replicating the West Point uniform, is so 
revered by everyone that has worn the maroon and gold.


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There are many stories about the relationship between the Cadets and West Point,
some of which cannot be substantiated after so many years. Older Cadets that marched
under Drum Major Joseph Paluh say they vividly remember the Cadets being presented
two sabres by an Officer of the Academy acting in an official capacity. Are their
memories playing tricks on them? Well, believe what you will. As a Cadet I believe
that if a Cadet told me that's what happened, then as far as I'm concerned
that's what happened!
I do know with absolute certainty, based on personal experience, of the regular 
social interaction between the maroon and gold and West Point Cadets. Many years
ago, in the early 1960s, there was a restaurant located just off Times Square in
New York City, which we called the German-American Fraternity House (the GA Club
by those that frequented it). I don't recall if that was the official name or
not. It was a regular Saturday-night stop for West Pointers on a 24 hour pass, and
also for members of the maroon and gold. Both groups of Cadets became a single "band
of brothers" during those many years of partying in "our" GA Club.
Many lifelong friendships were begun in that dimly lit, old-world restaurant-beer
The Cadets had a very strong military tradition, that went well beyond the uniforms
we wore. We were not militaristic, but our internal Cadet-level organizational structure
mirrored the ranks and responsibilites of rank, found in the military. It was probably
to be expected, therefore, that many Cadets sought and won appointments to West 
Point, Annapolis, the Air Force and Coast Guard Academies, and other military schools
such as VMI, The Citadel, and Valley Forge. It is a tradition of proud service and
accomplishment which we honor and value, and which continues to this day. 
Colonel Joseph Paluh, formerly Cadet Drum Major Joseph Paluh, is now deceased; but
he has earned his place in history. Thank you Joe. Thank you Dennis. You did us 
proud! Thank you to every Cadet that served our Nation in the military, and those
that are doing so as I write this tribute. We honor and respect you beyond measure.

For Holy Name shall always be...
  Notes by Dave Shaw, 2007 


Cadet heritage - 1982: DM Larry Harris 82(L), Cadet Dennis Julian Bradley 81-82(C), DM Tony Aleman 77-83 (R) photo
submitted by George Lea 81-82
click on photo to enlarge