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APRIL 3, 2008

Hello Holy Name

News of Our Corps





Listen to Don Angelica´s solo from

Hello Holy Name

Hello Holy Name

George King just informed me that he has received orders for Holy Name jackets from 16 Japanese Cadet Alumni.  

Just in case you exchange emails with other Cadets around the world, this might come in handy:

For Holy Name shall always be… (English)

For Holy Name shall always be…eh! (Canadian-English)

Voor Heilige Naam altijd…Zal zijn … (Dutch)

Car le saint nom sera toujours …(French)

Fur heiligen namen seien sie immer…(German)

Per if nome santo sia siempre…(Italian)

Para o nome holy seja siempre…(Portugese)

Para el nombre santo este siempre…(Spanish)

神聖な名前のため常に... であつて下 (Japanese)

Για το ιερό όνομα θα είναι πάνταさい (Greek))

Any corrections or additions are welcome. Unfortunately we do not presently have the software to add Thai or Russian, but we’re working on it because we figure it’s only a matter of time before we’ll need it.


REPORT  ON OUR GATHERING-OF-THE-MAROON ON THURSDAY, APRIL 3RD  (Note: this was the final gathering at the Garfield VFW Hall for this winter. We now move into the Spring-Summer season of corps and alumni events).

We were kind of expecting to close things out quietly with token attendance, but instead we remained  consistent with a mixture of regulars and newbie’s.  This, over the course of the last year or so, has been one of the most moving aspects of these gatherings to celebrate common history and heritage.  At Thursday night’s gathering we had a Cadet who marched the very first  year of 1934, George Staudinger 34-41.  We had three past Directors,  Ed Frenzel,  Joseph (Doc) Cinzio,  and Jim D’Amico; plus our current Director, George Hopkins.  There were five former drum majors in attendance: Walt Taormina 43-52, Fabian Izsa 58-63,  Pat Vazquez 62-67, Greg Cinzio 67-77, John Hannigan  73-79.  Drew Wilkie 03 & 07-08,  a current marching Cadet, was in attendance, along with recent ageouts Adam Freeman 04-05 and John Molloy 01-03.  We talk  so much about the bond between Cadets of all generations that after awhile perhaps we begin to tune out the significance of that bond; but attending an event like our monthly gathering last Thursday,  helps to refresh the sense of one-corps, one-history, one-heritage that erases all other generational differences.

Group 1Group 3
L to R: George Hopkins, Bob Messineo 62,George Staudinger 34-41, Walt Bienskie 57-58, Rich (Scotty) McGarry 58-68, Greg Cinzio 67-77 L to R: George King 54-61, John Hannigan 73-79, Dennis Kerrigan 71-73, Beth (Linkletter) McGarril 73-75, Greg Cinzio 67-77, Lynn Cinzio 75-77
photos courtesy of Rich (Scotty) McGarry click on photo to enlarge

The Cadets are all about developing leaders; and the achievements of our alumni bear witness to the success of that goal. Older alumni have made and continue to make major contributions to society; and younger alumni are visible across the spectrum of current drum corps activity contributing as instructors and creative designers with many of our current competitors,  some of the most successful all-age DCA corps, and in the music performance and education world.  Others have moved out into the world at large, applying the Cadet philosophy they learned as marching Cadets.

As proof positive of the gratitude most alumni feel for the unique experience they enjoyed during their marching years with the Cadets, support for the current marching Cadets from Alumni grows, rather than diminishes, year by year.  We want the young Cadets of the present and of the future to benefit, as we all benefited so bountifully, from their Cadet experience. This is the reason why we repeat so often, in our communications with each other, “For Holy Name shall always be…”

I deplore the fact that my memory retention becomes more and more deficient as times passes, because at our monthly gatherings more and more attendees pass by the sign-in process in favor of immediate socializing. So, it’s necessary for me to apologize once again to all those I leave off this list, not because they weren’t present but because 24 hours later my memory is 24 hours less sharp.


Tom Adamo 48-61

John Avella 57-61

Walt Bienski 57-58

Greg Cinzio 67-77 , DM

Lynn Cinzio 75-77

Joseph Cinzio ,  Dir.

Jim D’Amico 50-54, Dir.

Dan& Fanny DeRosa 67-73

Adam Freeman 04-05

Ed Frenzel Dir.

John Hannigan 73-79, DM

George Hopkins, CEO & Director

Fabian Izsa, 58-63, DM

Vic Jaskot 49-60

Dennis Kerrigan 71-73

George King 54-61

Bill McCullum  43-51

Beth Linkletter-McGarril 73-75

Owen (Scotty) McGarry 58-68

Rich (Scotty) McGarry 58-66

Bob Messineo 62

John Molloy 01-03

Ray Peters 58

Greg Pych 64-92

Eric Santo 77-82

Kathy Santo 82

Dave Shaw 50-58

George Staudinger 34-41

Tony Tantillo 43-52

James Taormina, 44-50

Walt Taormina 43-52

Pat Vazquez 62-67, DM

Joe Wegrzyniak 43-50

Bill Westdyke 58-55

Bob Wilke 66-70

Drew Wilkie 03, 07-08

Top Left Dave Shaw, 50-58 addressing the group Top Right Drew Wilkie, 03, 07-08, announcing the new Cadet Alumni Big Band Music Ensemble
Dave Shaw, 50-58Drew Wilkie, 03, 07-08, announcing the new Cadet Alumni Big Band Music Ensemble
Left L to R, Tony Tantillo 43-52, George Hopkins, Joe Wegrzyniak 43-50Greg Cinzio 67-77 directing the Holy Name Song
Bottom Left L to R, Tony Tantillo 43-52, George Hopkins, Joe Wegrzyniak 43-50 Bottom Right Greg Cinzio 67-77 directing the Holy Name Song
photos courtesy of Rich (Scotty) McGarry click on photo to enlarge

This gathering had a strong social emphasis, though some business was conducted.  The slide show from 1953-54 I messed up so badly at the March gathering was finally presented.  It stirred up a lot of memories for older Cadets in attendance, and probably gave younger alumni present a better idea of what life was like when dinosaurs walked the earth. For me it was an unpleasant reminder to see the appalling conditions (contest sites) we were given for our championship competitions by the American Legion.  The happy memories of winter indoor color guard contests (prime social events during that era), and the truly impressive American Legion National Convention parades, provided a balance of sorts.

O Holy Name
O Holy Name
photos courtesy of Rich (Scotty) McGarry click on photo to enlarge



Saturday, May 17th, 1-4 PM: Cadet Alumni Family Picnic at John Hannigan’s waterfront home on Lake Hopatcong.  All are invited to attend. Food and beverages will be provided on a shared cost basis. Right now it is anticipated that it will run between $15-$20 pp for adults, children under 12 will be free.  John has a large, heated swimming pool, so bring your bathing suits if you’re so inclined. There will also be Cadet performance videos shown in John’s home theatre. Additional entertainment will be provided by the speed-boat races scheduled for Lake Hopatcong on that day. The boats will pass right in front of John’s dock. Please advise me ASAP if you are planning to attend (dshaw40@gmail.com), with the number of adults and children in your party.  This is a social day, not a fund-raiser.  If it’s successful (which we fully intend that it will be), we hope to make it a yearly event, perhaps scheduled for the Jersey Shore next year.  WE WILL NEED TO KNOW IN ADVANCE HOW MANY PEOPLE TO EXPECT, SO PLEASE DO NOT DELAY IN NOTIFYING ME. WE NEED TO KNOW EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT 100% CERTAIN AT THIS TIME. This is going to be a great day with a lot of fun for all ages. DON’T MISS IT! Driving directions will be sent to those planning on attending.

Sunday, May 18th: The Cadet’sAnnual Wine-Tasting fund-raiser.  It is scheduled to be held at Taos  Restaurant & Lounge in Rutherford, NJ.  The wine tasting is scheduled for 4-8 PM, tickets $100 pp. There is a connoisseur wine tasting scheduled an hour earlier at 3 PM for an additional $50 pp.  This event is very popular, so be sure to make your reservations ASAP. Go to the YEA site www.yea.org  for additional information and to reserve your spot.

Sunday, May 25th: The Cadets will be in concert at Springfield High School in Delaware County, PA (outside of  Philadelphia).  This event will be held in lieu of the Memorial Brass Concert.  A special treat will be the first appearance of the Cadet’s Alumni (and friends) Big-Band Musical Ensemble.  Go to www.yea.org  for additional information and to order tickets.  The auditorium at Springfield HS can only seat 1000 spectators, so order your tickets early. Anyone wishing additional information on the musical ensemble should contact Brian Wilkie  81-85 at briankwilkie@yahoo.com

The 2008 Cadets will be parading in North Jersey on Memorial Day,  May 26th.  They will be appearing in Carlstadt early in the morning, Rochelle Park late-morning, and Hawthorne around 1 PM.  Additional information can be obtained by going to www.yea.org. 

June 12, exhibition at the Cadets’ Spring Training site. June 14,  exhibition at the Bridgemen’s show in Bayonne. June 15, exhibition at J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown.

The Cadets’ home show will be held on July 5th at Clifton HS Stadium. They  are hoping to arrange a site for an alumni tailgate party preceding the contest. Check www.yea.org for additional information and to order tickets.

Note: We have been informed that the Alumni reception scheduled for the last camp of the season on April 27th has been cancelled due to facility issues. Contact Christen  Juel at christen@yea.org for additional information.

Caren and Joe Frech asked me to advise all Cadets that they would like to connect  for coffee or cocktails, lunch or dinner, with any Cadet Alumni visiting  or vacationing in Cape May and/or Wildwood this summer.  You can contact them at: cbfrech@comcast.net

Eric Santo reminds us that April 15th is the deadline date for submitting nominations for the Cadets’ 2008 Hall of Fame. Please send all nominations and/or secondary letters of endorsement to: christen@yea.org



As we did last year, the Alumni will be presenting each 2008 Cadet  with a baseball  cap to wear during rehearsals on tour.  In order to have them ready for Memorial Day it is necessary to begin collecting donations now.  This season the corps has increased in size by 15 Cadets, so it will be necessary to raise our donation total by about $300, for a total of $1800. The caps will be white with maroon and gold embroidered lettering, similar in style to last year, but with somewhat different lettering. Our intention is to ensure that each Cadet has a unique souvenir of their marching season which only corps members will be given. The caps will not be offered for general sale, or distributed to anyone except 2008 Cadets.  Last year we requested $100 donations, and we reached our target goal within three days.  Some Alumni pooled their funds, while one particularly generous Cadet Alumnus, John Ludgate , donated $300.  Hopefully we can anticipate similar generosity from our Alumni this year. Please make out your checks to “Garfield Cadets Alumni,” and mail them to Dave Shaw at 10-01 Hopper Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ, 07410. The Garfield Cadets Alumni have not-for-profit status, and your contributions are tax deductible.



Plans for our 75th Anniversary continue to move forward. The focus right now is on locating as many Cadet Alumni as possible.  Decade Chairman have been appointed for this purpose, and they in turn will be asking other Cadets to accept responsibility for tracking down Cadets for one or two year spans within that decade. The Decade Chairman are:

Bill Kardash, Chair      bkardash@columbiadirect.net

Ken Shedosky, Search Chair      kshedosky76@embarqmail.com

Legacy 34-49, Bill McCullum      c/o   dshaw40@gmail.com

1950s, Walt Bienski   waltershutter2@verizon.net  

KenShedosky   kshedosky76@embarqmail.com 

George King   gefreki@aol.com

1960s, Ken Samara   ksamara@amigrp.com 

Bill Ridings   billridings2@aol.com,  

Scotty McGarry   richmcgarry@optonline.net

1970s, Greg Cinzio,  gjcmedical@aol.com 

Frank Sgammato   fsgammat@yahoo.com

1980s, Michelle Perez  amperez67@yahoo.com  

Nicole Roach  nicolemariaroach@gmail.com

1990s, Andy Warntz  cadets1bass@comcast.net   ,

Steve Marshall,   smarshall@cowiemott.com   

ChrisMoss   chrismoss7@aim.com

1996-present, Karen Prince  Prince.Karen@joslin.harvard.edu


75th Anniversary Celebration

Decade Committee Plans


With the plans for the 75th Anniversary now set in motion, the need to locate and encourage Cadet alums is of paramount importance. Without a large and enthusiastic group of alums, we can’t expect to have a very vibrant and jubilant celebration for the most successful and enduring drum corps of all time! It is up to all of us to ensure a BIG celebration.

The Universe

Since the Cadets were founded in 1934, it is estimated that 5,000-6,000 young men and women have worn the maroon and gold and marched in the ranks of (1) Holy Name Cadets, (2) Garfield Cadets, (3) Cadets of Bergen County and (4) The Cadets.

With a history that spans almost 75 years, we are faced with (1) identifying those who marched as Cadets, (2) identifying those who may be deceased, (3) identifying those who we are able to locate and  (4) identifying those who cannot be located.

For the most part, from 1934 through the 1970s the Cadet corps was populated with young men who lived in Garfield and the nearby communities. In 1969, young women joined the ranks of the Cadets, with most residing in the nearby communities. Beginning in the early 1980s, the Cadets expanded their recruitment reach and, fueled by the growth of DCI,  attracted young men and women from across the United States and, in fact, from around the world.

What We Need

YEA has a mailing list that includes some past alums, along with supporters. While we will use some of these names for our search, they estimate they have a file of about 1,500 names -- far short of the total list of alums who marched.  We are told they cannot identify alums from supporters, without manually reviewing the file. We will continue to work with them and utilize whatever they can provide, but we will need to build our own database of Cadet alums.

The first step is for each “Decade Team” to methodically list the names of everyone who marched in a given decade. This is best done with any written document that may have survived: programs, directories, yearbooks .. along with photos  ... and, of course,  a good memory. Consider getting help from among brass, percussion and color guard sections. As an example, someone from the drum line is more apt to know those who they marched alongside than, say, the color guard.

Why We Need It

We have several major objectives for building a database and locating as many Cadet alums as possible:

Apart from having the biggest Anniversary Celebration ever, we are also in the process of helping to create a future funding source to ensure The Cadets’ viability in the years to come. The exact form this will take is still under discussion, but we intend to try and build an endowment fund to help support The Cadets. This effort will supplement – not replace – The Cadets’ own annual fund-raising efforts. As you may know, The Cadets’ operational needs are significant: far beyond the relatively small-scale funding efforts that many of us knew in the first few decades of drum corps activity. Now, costs include instruction, direction, logistics, transportation and food, to name just a few. With an annual budget of almost $1 million, and rising costs confronting all operations, the need for a financial “cushion” is very important. In recent years many other drum corps have ceased operations and even the most successful corps struggle from year-to-year. We want to ensure The Cadets can fulfill the words to our famous hymn: “ … For Holy Name Shall Always Be”.

…And How to Get It

Once you have created a list of “decade peers” the internet is an enormously useful tool to search for them. Several good sources exist and you might have success with: www.zabasearch.com  or www.switchboard.com   In each case, accurate spelling of surnames is essential.  Consider using a first initial – or none at all - rather than a full first name: eg, J Smith, or (simply) Smith, rather than John Smith. Adding a City/State will make your search easier. Zabaseach uses land records as the primary source. As a result, you may find a name repeated in different locations.

Look for clues about “last known address”; some records include a transaction date. In some cases you will find a birth date. Finding someone whose birth date approximates the age of the Cadet you are seeking is a great clue. Once you have located a likely prospect, use www.switchboard to confirm and yield a phone number. Then … pickup the phone and reconnect ; you may find an old friend at the other end!

Another useful source is www.classmates.com  If you know where/when someone attended high school, this can be a useful resource. You can search by year, as well as name.

As you may know, The Cadets have created an on-line forum that can allow all Cadets to have on-line dialogue; it could be very helpful in passing the word as you search for new names and contact information. We encourage you to register at http://cadets.ning.com

As you contact alums, please request the following: Full Name (including prefix: Mr., Ms, Dr, etc and  suffix: Sr, Jr, III, etc), home address, home phone number, Year(s) marched (e.g., 1983-85), Section (e.g., brass, percussion, CG, etc),  email address and spouse’s name (if appropriate). Please know this information will be kept confidential. It will ONLY be made available to The Cadets … “and no salesman will call”.

When To Get Started

We have lots to accomplish and we’d like to have the Decade Committees in place and starting their research by April 23.

The first thing is for each Decade Team  Captain to assemble a team. Please let us know who you have asked to help (with email addresses, please) so we can keep them informed of event happenings.

Once your Committee is in place, get them started!  The sooner we get names assembled, the better.

We ask that you submit your research to Ken Shedosky (kshedosky76@embarqmail.com) EVERY TWO WEEKS. Ken will set up a schedule with each Decade Captain so he is not swamped with names and addresses from everyone at the same time.

Please try to adhere to the schedule so we can build the List of Alumni in an efficient and organized manner.


If you have any questions  ... or if we have not anticipated your concerns … please feel free to contact us.

Bill Kardash             bkardash@columbiadirect.net   

Ken Shedosky            kshedosky76@embarqmail.com 


Now the real fun starts, both for our Alumni, and for our corps. Move-in for Spring Training is May 23rd. Tour begins June 14th.  The complete schedule is available on www.yea.org   For those interested the Cadets Alumni Association now has a discussion forum. It can be accessed through the links section on this website, or by entering the URL  http://cadets.ning.com    The 2008 season will hold many exciting surprises for our alumni and friends as we lead into our Diamond Jubilee in 2009.  To our young marching Cadets; whatever the competitive results of the season, your alumni stand shoulder to shoulder with you in pride and support. For Holy Name shall always be…